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Council of Europe

Council of Europe Written Document
Proposing IPCGE as Strategic Partner

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Council of Europe, Strasbourg
October 2019, Mobilizing Parliamentarians and Civic Leaders to Implement the Culture of Peace and SDG's through Legislation.

U.S. Congress
October 2019, re-launching of the Congressional Caucus for the Culture of Peace and SDG's in the United States Congress.

United Nations Headquarters
September 2019, High Level Roundtable Forum 2: Preventing Violent Extremism By Developing A Culture Of Peace

Meeting at Senate of Assemblee Nationale Paris
May 2019, Mobilizing Parliamentarians And Civic Leaders To Implement The Culture Of Peace And Sdg'S Through Legislation

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The coalition was established in order to achieve global peace and reconciliation in all areas of conflict, in all societies and nations, by promoting the implementation of the UN resolutions on culture and peace.

The coalition will serve as a milestone and model to achieve peace in areas of conflict and in all societies and nations. It is by giving these sectors a voice in the framework of the peace process that we can hope to find a solution to continuing conflicts in the world, which have eluded all efforts thus far.

The Coalition aims to apply this model for all areas of conflict around the globe.